Do I do this in the first or third person? Tokyosexwhale (ah, it’s the third) is an illustrator, animator who’s worked in movies, games and TV. This grubby little corner of the web is for him to show you lovely people his cartoons and other bits and bobs that usually wouldn’t see the light of day.

PS There is also a Canadian band called Tokyo Sexwhale. They’re kind of surf rockers and Canadian. Check them out. I should state that I had the name long before them and have thus obtained all the usual default emails (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo) so from time to time I do get emails from fans and promoters either congratulating me on a great show or enquiring when I can be booked. This does my ego the world of good as I take credit and adulation from wherever I can. Sometimes, I must admit, I’m almost tempted to cause some sexy havoc…

PPS Of course the name actually derives from Tokyo Sexwale the current South African Minister of Human Settlements. He’s a billionaire, politician, anti-apartheid activist, former political prisoner and surf rocker. His name is funny.